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Why Are So Many Black Men In Prison?

Why Are So Many Black Men In Prison? Why Are So Many Black Men In Prison?

African-American males are being imprisoned at an alarming and unprecedented rate. Out of the 10.4 million Black adult males in the U.S. population, nearly 1.5 million are in prisons and jails with another 3.5 million more on probation or parole or who have previously been on probation or parole. Black males make up nearly 75% of the total prison population, and due to either present or past incarceration is the most socially disenfranchised group of American citizens in the country today. This book details the author's personal story of a negligent upbringing in an impoverished community, his subsequent engagement in criminal activity (drug dealing), his incarceration, and his release from prison and experiencing of the crippling social disenfranchisement that comes with being an ex-felon. The author then relates his personal experiences and realizations to the seminal problems within the African-American community, federal government, and criminal justice system that cause his own experiences to be the same experiences of millions of other young Black men.

Author Bio

Demico Boothe is considered by many to be an expert on the criminal justice system as it relates to African-Americans. He served 12 consecutive years inside of federal prison and was released in November of 2003.

Author: Demico Boothe
Publisher: Full Surface Publishing; New edition (February 8, 2007)
ISBN: 9780979295300
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 160 pages
Dimensions: 8.9 x 6 x 0.6 inches

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